Friday, July 14, 2017

Mulletman is more than his legacy hair style.

A friend asked me why he would want to be Mulletman? Who wouldn't want to be Mulletman? I quipped. But... who is Mulletman? he asked. And I thought for a second, Mulletman is more than a backup hero, he is more than the guy you call when Batman's sidekick Robin is busy. Sure, he doesn't manifest any super hero powers, he can't fly, but who can?

Everyone needs to know that Mulletman is more than his legacy hair style. Let me tell you about the man, Mulletman buys a lot of shoes, like seriously, a lot, because he wears his shoes out by kicking ass. Second, the blood on Mulletman's hands is never his own. And third, it's time to reveal his name, Hank Steel, and he is just an average hero from the 80's.