Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Visions often grow into delusions, the mind plays wretched deceptions upon itself, but fear not because I am immune to such plebeian hallucinations. Here at Total Commitment Games big things are happening, it's challenging and exciting. A lot of hard learning and tragic frustration over the last decade is finally transmuting into viability. I went to a game development event where a number of indie teams presented their games, I was characteristically unimpressed, but it reminded me of my early days, I reflected on the countless dead ends I have taken over the years and I realized how truly naive I was ten years ago. The games these teams put together probably took them months, I remember spending months on similar projects, but today I can make them in a long afternoon. Learning game development is work, it's counterintuitive, you do it for free, only an unflinching commitment to a decade or more of work will get you through it, I'm not to the end of the tunnel yet, but I can see the light, now only time will reveal this tunnel's end or the business end of a speeding train, but like I mentioned five years ago, it doesn't matter, I'm will continue to rush forward toward this mystery light, I will split the train. Total Commitment Games is growing and evolving, I'm still doing the bulk of the work but I expect this situation to be very different a year from now.

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