Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Living the Dream in the Extreme

As mentioned previously, I play my games like I play my life, set to hard. I don't pull punches and I never stop kicking... sounds crazy huh, and it is, but speaking of crazy, my new game is crazy, it's insane, I hammered out most of the glitches over the last few weeks and I'm working on content now. Game development lives three phases, the vision, the code, the content and the content phase of development is by far the most epic and for a practitioner of Advanced Programmer Art like myself, it's the most difficult and most unsatisfying. Imagine painting a house with a colored pencil, a colored pencil is more than just the wrong tool, it's retarded! But in a world of limited resources and the will to succeed, even the largest mob of retards can be defeated, I'm talking going to their level, going full retard until the end. Dumb analogies aside, I'm saying that if I'm the best artist I can afford, then I'm going to go all the way with what I have to offer, I'm go to bridge the rivers, climb to the stars... never surrender and never relent. Anyway. I'll post a true video game play in a few days or next week or something.

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