Friday, October 5, 2012

WINDOWS-VITA-XBOX An unholy trinity of badassery.

People love value rather than disposable content, I'm not just talking games, I'm talking blog posts, tweets, facebook and everything else. I'm working on providing value, how crazy is that? It's mental, it's crazy, it's beyond the pale of all decent behavior, it's unfair for your competition, it's a negative influence upon the very nature of our very equitable society. Did I mention that I'm making a PC version of my new game? Bang! WINDOWS-VITA-XBOX An unholy trinity of badassery. Split screen cooperative campaign, N64 007 style split screen death match, maybe networked multiplayer to, maybe not - oh and vehicle, I haven't mentioned that before. Vehicle Machine Guns! Yes its, real, it's awesome, it's an all knowing all enslaving force of gaming. Some people say, that if you think positively that you won't catch every single traffic light, I say that what you think has no effect on traffic lights (you know who you are!), I say there is an external and an internal world and that they coexist, at least in my case, in an uneasy epic truce. True facts for a true reality. Back to work or gaming or some shit.

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Jeff Yarbrough said...

These shots are awesome!!!!!!