Friday, May 18, 2012

My Fan Base

When I was younger than I am now, I really liked stalker jokes, I thought they were hilarious, jaw droppers, and dead baby jokes, those were good to. But no so much any more, it's not that they are too crude or tasteless, it's that they are too simple, I realized I just like clever jokes. Speaking of clever jokes, I completed my first run through of the recently finished new game, pretty awesome stuff, I think this is my first game I don't actually mind playing, true story. I have spent approximately fifty (or maybe less?) hours play testing and revising just the levels of this game, and honestly, I didn't mind it, I found it challenging and rewarding, I think that three dimensional platforming is a fantastic game mechanic with a lot of growth potential. Games like the new Prince of Persia and Bionic Commando games don't scratch the surface of what this mechanic has to offer.

If Escape From Robot Doom had sold ten times as many copies I would have made as much money as if I had been working at McDonnald's. I have stronger, better, more masculine hopes for this game, and I like exploiting things, if my new game sells better than Robot Doom, you're going to have to endure through three or four sequels, prequels, gold and platinum and remastered editions. I know I have a fan base out there, posting articles and shit talking six months after Escape From Robot Doom came out, you know who you are, and this time I want my review you keep threatening. Or Else.

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