Friday, March 30, 2012

This is your life and it's ending one year at a time.

Everyone has solved a two dimensional maze, but how many of you have solved a three dimensional maze? Probably none of you, but for those of you who have, have you ever solved a three dimensional maze on foot with no light but a flashlight? Right, probably not, but that's okay, I'm building you the opportunity. That right, lucky unsuspecting xblig players get to cope with 3d mazes. Stream of consciousness, I'm going all the way editing is for the lame. I'm allergic to practically every plant alive, what the hell, I'm suffering, I hate grass, and carpet and humidity, true story. What if my mazes seamless teleported you to a different spot within the maze, I bet you would never solve it. Should that be a bonus level or a prerequisite to beating the game? It probably doesn't matter, nobody reads this blog and I doubt any of you have played my game. You probably mistakenly clicked one of my screen shots on google image search right? Ha! Google Chrome's spell checker considers "google" to be a spelling error. Whatever. Sleep is for the weak. I'm gonna go grab a beer, if anyone reads this blog post, leave your e-mail as a comment and I'll e-mail you a free activation key for robot doom, because I know you can't spare to part with a dollar, I know I can't, I'm broke and living the dream, that's what game development is, day in and day out, week in and week out, month by month and year by year fly by, a constant state of extreme concentration, I'm talking autistic extreme concentration, a state stretching into the future, devouring your life a year at a time, that's game development, that's my life, my dream, the dream, game development, angst, that's the dream and I'm living it. I used to live it one bottle at a time, but I can't afford booze anymore so I'm just living it. Maybe one day I'll write that book about myself I have been telling my faithful readers about, a book where you can live as an indie game developer vicariously through my book cast into time. Really, is their much with a shorter life span than an indie game? Direct to download video games are worse than direct to dvd movies, seriously, we put these things on the internet, can you think of anything less staying power or less permanence? Whatever, this is your life and it's ending one year at a time. My twenties, I gave them to you, for nothing, seriously, I would have made significantly more flipping burgers and jizz burger or really, I would have made more begging, maybe if I had sawed my leg off below the knee out on the side walk, I bet I could have made more in a single day, or at least qualified for some life long of disability pension... It's not like a need my legs sitting in front of the computer, maybe I could have had it both ways, made games and sawed my leg off. Whatever, honestly, I don't really want to make games or saw my leg off. Did I mention I'm a father now? Right, about that beer, I'll let you know how it goes or not, It doesn't matter.

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