Thursday, January 27, 2011


I know that I have previously talked about my latest game development final solution known as up-trashing, it's a deadly combination of everything trashy in the world. I know that I have also recently discussed high perceived value packaged with a low price point. Let's talk about HPV-LPP, besides the obvious similarities with the popular sexual transmitted disease, there is more to my strategy of "High Perceived Value - Low Price Point". Believe it or not, the HPV half has been popular with game developers for decades who show their best screen shots which are intended to excite the perceived value... I think that the game industry would produce better games if the sexual transmitted disease variant was more popular than the high perceived value... that's right we would have better games if game developers got laid more often with dirty girls. Did I mention that I have been really sick since November? I'm still not well, but I'm getting back to work. My workflow is improving and hopefully my wordflow will follow.