Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Way to Win!

After a full year of polling, the results are in!

The Poll question, "Which of my games looks the most exciting?"
Moon Base 2 (66%)
Vietnam 0 (0%)
Car Game 0 (0%)
Your games suck 1 (33%)

I'm really disappointed in my readers, you guys sucks, only three of you voted! I'm sure that most of you are search bots or add bots or some other form of software, so I can't really blame you for not voting. I'm a little sad that no one likes "Vietnam" or "Car Game", I'm a little depressed that 66% of you liked "Moon Base", what's wrong with you? That's almost a puzzle game. However, not all is lost, there is light at both ends of the tunnel, 33% of you demonstrated some real angst by voting "your games suck". I'm feel honored that you cared enough to express yourselves, and even more honored that you felt I was worthy of the truth.

Clearly that poll script doesn't work very well, one of the votes disappeared.

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