Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm ribbed for generation numb.

Some people say that humility is the mark of true greatness... I say lets not be fooled by such nonsense, I say lets abandon all justifications and all rationalizations, lets say what we think and do what we say.

This is my second attempt at this post, I wrote some stuff about god and he got really juvenile and crashed my shit... I can see why it takes faith to believe such things. I was originally planning to post screen shots from the sucky games I made since my last post, but that's a hassle and I don't really care about celebrating failure. So here's the important part from the original message, moon base sucked, it sucked really bad. How bad? Imagine sorting dead obese dogs by hair length and spot density.

So here's the new plan for success. I'm returning to the basics; I'm returning to the violence, the brutality and the anarchy that makes men into boys and girls into wives, I'm talking about a better and more masculine tomorrow.

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