Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The sensation you are feeling is the quickening.

It may appear that lately I have only been making one post a month; it's true as long as you think small. I make posts in many other vile corners of the internet, posts that the strongest of you couldn't stomach, posts that make both holy men and dictators want my blood and the blood of anyone associated with me for. They are self centered fools for thinking that I'm talking about them, even though I am talking about them, but not as an individual but as a group. They tell us what to ware, what to say, what to eat, what to think, who to hate and who to love. I'm not like them, I tell you what it is, but it doesn't depend on what my definition of is is.

Someone other than you mentioned recently that I might be loosing my mind - I might be losing my mind? Subjectivists aside, I'm not losing my mind; I'm trading my mind and body so that you will understand that there is no distinction, they don't coexist, they are one and the same, you just are. Dualism isn't real, it's very serious talk from very silly people. There are no alternate existences, no parallel universes, no place where your not alone, happy and afraid. There is no place where real men can imagine playing real games for real men but here.

Today is a pretty exciting day for you, at least if you have an XBOX 360. My new game is exciting and I don't mean exciting in the sense of geriatric looking gymnastics fighting. My game is rude and I don't mean in the sense of Reality TV. My game is masculine and I don't mean in the sense of human growth hormone and testosterone junkies. I'm talking solo snuff films, but for games, where you're the one who gets hurt and I'm the one who watches. So get ready and keep your butt puckered, it's going to be a long one.

One month from today, my first pseudocommercial game will be unveiled and it can be yours for money.