Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There can be only one.

I have a forum now. It's a pretty exciting place, it's jam packed with exciting forum chatter about exciting forum subjects. It's a forum where all men and no women from every stripe of life can come together and fight, a final Battle Royal for the soul of gaming. Articulate your judgments and ideals in textual form for the generations to follow. We don't owe our future selves anything, but we can sure leave them a message, a unique and disparaging message from the past, filled with vision and angst, filled with desire and denouncement. Take this fantastic opportunity to tell your future self who's boss, tell him that without you, he will never exist. Tell your future self to quit drinking Jack and Coffee, tell him to quit mastrabating, tell him to quit watching TV, telling him to quit reading celebrity blogs, tell him to move out of his moms basement, tell him to quit his job.

Registration is easy and pleasurable, Make an account today and help build a better and more masculine tomorrow.

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