Thursday, November 19, 2009

Low risk games for a low risk culture, it sounds lame and it is lame.

Game's and their development are charging. The cost of competitive game art is ballooning as processing and rendering technology improve making game development costs high in comparison to revenue. Game publishers are stuck making low risk titles. It sounds lame, and it is lame; there are a number of game typing strategies available to commercial publishers which virtually guarantee breaking even on a game, games guaranteed to break even don't lose money, but they might make money.

Game publishers make low risk games for a low risk culture. This is great for the publishers, but it's bad for the developers worse for game players. Publisher games are regulated to a narrowly defined list of game types and their play features must follow this low risk rule set. Both good and bad ideas don't get a shot, they are simply too risky.

With the contraction in quantity of games, combined with the increase in development costs, game engine developers have been feeling the crunch and in response they have effectively lowered the startup costs for game development by significantly lowering the licencing cost for their engines in their attempts to maintain profits.

Big things are happening and Total Commitment Games, exciting things and barbaric things.

I'm back in the game, no more casual games; real games for real men are back.