Friday, October 9, 2009

Juicy Juice Wine

Mark is the newest contributor to Total Commitment Games, he is a pretty special guy, he wasn't online when it came time to write his profile so I wrote one for him; progress before safety, forever.

Mark is a Aquarius, he loves long walks on the beach and sky diving. Mark likes to keep his options open and doesn't like to be tied down, he is a free spirit at heart and is at work all the time, he works so freely. His body configuration is similar to an professional athlete, but without all the muscle. He lives to work, and works instead of sleeping. Don't confuse exhaustion with unattractiveness, he's tall, with striking dark coloring under his eyes. Mark is seriously rich, because he works all the time and he wins at things you're not supposed to win at, but he doesn't brag about winning all the time, because he doesn't care very much, since he wins all the time. He likes short and tall girls. He isn't a racist and he loves sex and money.

The above profile is what I submitted to, eharmony, jdate and adult friend finder... Total Commitment games markets everywhere, we are so committed to our games that we sell them with our bodies, it sounds a lot like prostitution, but it isn't, it's more like massage parlors or escorts; it's a little bit of both, that would make us a little bit like video game developer escorts with happy endings; but not developers who make video games with happy endings.

Anyway, before Mark logged off he sent me this fantastic bit of work he called concept art, but what he doesn't understand about total commitment games is that we take everything and run with it always.

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