Monday, August 17, 2009

Quiting doesn't make losing okay.

Quiting doesn't mean that you would have won if you hadn't quit, quiting before you lose doesn't mean you didn't lose, quiting doesn't make losing okay; quiting is losing and that's for real.

Before any of you suggest it, my new game isn't a flash game! I picked up and xbox360 so I could begin console game development. Moon base, meet disintrerested reader; disinterested reader, meet moon base. What makes moon base unique is that it is the only game I know of that was designed from nose to tail to be a strategic management game. Here are two screen shots and a video.

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Joseph Burchett said...

Interesting new game :-) Nice to see that you haven't stopped making games. Been a pretty long gap between this post and the other one. Looking forward to seeing how the games turns out! :-D So id assume it's going to be a community game?