Thursday, July 31, 2008

Your tax dollars at work

Before I split from the program, I worked for the county's department of public works. I had a diagnostics room and it was mine. My diagnostics room was packed floor to ceiling with shelves packed with three ring binders. Each binder was packed with in house created check lists for diagnosing every conceivable problem on all of the county's computer systems. At first I was impressed with what I thought was an incredible resource of problem solving empowerment. I was wrong, the binders were organized by the problem, which would make the binders unnecessary if I knew what was wrong. Which didn't make a lot of sense to me until I discovered that I had to check off and initial each step on the check list. The binders weren't for diagnosing problems, they were for proving that I correctly identified the problem. The binders were my proof that I followed procedure. Fixing simple problems took me hours and I never once had the wrong binder. After work, on my drive home, I would think of new problems I could write binders for, that way I could maintain full time hours and benefits.

Your tax dollars at work.

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