Monday, July 7, 2008

Wooden Idols & Skid Marks!

My 4th of July was awesome, I bet yours sucked. My Lesson for next year is don't drink wine bottles like you would beer bottles!

One time I thought I was losing my hair, it was seriously freaking me the fuck out. It went on for around three months, I started checking out various hair care products that claimed to stop hair loss and regrow hair. I replaced my furnace and the old one turned out to be leaking carbon monoxide into the air circulation system. My hair loss stopped after the furnace replacement, lesson learned - heaters are for girls and men who embrace the cold will keep their hair when they are subversively attacked by furnaces.

News from the game development DMZ:
I spent the morning working on the new rendering engine, I added per pixel light, ambient and specular maps are on the agenda for tomorrow. I spent the afternoon working on story arcs, It's pretty exciting shit, I bet you will leave skid marks on your whitey-tighties.

Keep your butt puckered because Gary spent the day learning about graphics, one day he hopes to takeover the graphics development. If he eventually takes it over - I promise to carve him some wooden idols.

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