Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I remember one of my English teachers describing suffix "-cide" and how uncommon it is. She asked if any of us could think of words it's used in, someone said "pesticide" and teacher looked a little amazed, so I added "homicide, xenocide, fratricide, genocide, infanticide and suicide." My lesbian English teacher now looked a little uncomfortable. I have since learned some more words which take advnatage of the "-cide" suffix, autocide, deicide, democide, ethnocide, femicide, mariticide, parenticide, pseudocide, regicide, senicide, tomecide and uxoricide the killing of your wife. Shit your pants fun huh? Enjoy.

All quiet on the western front:
Thats what the German newspapers said when the allies broke through along the entire front while half a million German's died in the last two months of the war. Anyway I'm working on more story arcs and Gary is still pounding through tutorials.

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