Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"go away, I got a grip on it."

Yesterday I was eating chowmein and peking pork while playing one of those soulless scripted monstrosities of commercialism. I'm not going to bother naming names here... because all the pillow talking prostitutes are the same. I was around two hours deep and It felt like I was cheating on myself, which is a surprisingly confusing sensation. Two hours deep the game was still telling me which button to press when I got near objects like doors or walls. Honestly it felt like I was trying to jerk off for the first time with with someone holding my free hand and telling me what to do, which was nice for the first few minute. But then it was distracting and I knew it was going to be hard to finish, like when someone interrupts you when your going solo in your parents guest bathroom.

News from the disillusioned front:
Gary as polygonal collision detection sorted out. However he started walking really hard when he tried to get proper collision response. I forced him to take a break and work on something else, so right now he is working on improving power train response. Harder and Faster.

Scott (Sk1zot) liked Brandon's car so much that trashed it up hard with a new shitbird styled texture.

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