Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This is a preview, a preview of your future, you can make it your own if your strong enough to split the train named life. I'm providing you a unique oppertunity to live vicariously through me. An oppertunity to live my toil, embrace my disillusionment and experience the futility of independent game development.

Like any true independent game developer, we have no office so we develop at universities student union. It's the summer, and the school is doing freshmen orientation, the kids look so fresh, so healthy, they all think they have a bright future. When the orientation tours come through the union, I have to fight my desire to warn them, to warn that half of them will never graduate from anywhere. They are simply boarding the train named life, they are doomed to a relentless, hopeless and repetitive future. The only difference between education levels is how far forward they ride on the train. You can never reach the front, the train has unlimited fuel, unlimited track, no conductor and it will never ever stop.

Payday enslaves you. Your salary is a bi monthly injection of slavery. Regular reliable paydays keep you on that train named life. The only way to move forward to the nicer train cars is by waiting, waiting for those ahead of you to die and get thrown off the train. Your career isn't success, it's waiting for the people ahead of you to die. Payday is your master.

Once you split from the program, once you step off that train, once you kick that payday addiction; you will be ready to split that train named life. Once split, you will be free, free to create, free to invent, free to build your own train, free to build your own cage. You must build your own tracks, build your own train, be your own conductor and use your soul for fuel. And when you die, your train will careen off your tracks, everyone will watch and no one will care and no one will take your seat.

News from the imaginary front:
Gary is writing a software renderer for the sake of his own education. I redesigned the rendering pipeline again. I'm working harder not smarter.

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