Monday, June 30, 2008

Six inches deep in soap bars.

Marketing indy video games is a lot like procreating, you have to keep on it.

Some of you are aware that I'm looking for a new place to live. I responded to a craigs list advertisement for a fully furnished house at a good price near the school. The poster responds with a two page e-mail trying to prove the authenticity of his situation, he claims that he was transfered by his employer to the port if Nigeria and that his transfer got extended so he wants to rent his house. Immediately I think it's a scam, so I play it out, I keep making all these objections and getting him to agree to them, I keep nit picking and negotiating and he agrees to everything. He spent the entire day trying to prove to me that he trusts me and that I should return his trust. I start asking him for move in specials. His initial play for $1600 turns into a play for $400... and he keeps trying... Eventually he gets frantic and tells me that he will mail me the keys if I wire him the $400. Anyway, to sum everything up... I reported him to craigslist under the law enforcement flag... I wonder how many people he took with this little scam, I'm thinking that game development is kinda like being an artist, but for smart people.

News from the front:
Brandon is back and more intense. He made a new more awesome car. Embrace the 1973 Lincoln Continental Mk. IV