Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dead Channels

I found myself wondering this morning if our hero is a bad guy? Project 2K8 isn't black and white, it isn't shades of grey - it's the static of a television tuned to a dead channel. Or maybe it's just the jammer on the porno channel you're to cheap too subscribe to...

You need to ask yourself, are there pictures hidden in the static? And if there are, ask yourself if you're watching the static or the porn hidden in the static?

Project 2K8 isn't going to leave you empty. Like a raw blood transfusion, when it's over, you will be glad it's over and you will never want to do it again. But it will always be there, penetrating your every action, your every reflection, skewing your perception. It will be in your mind, tuning down the contrast, adjusting your tracking and destroying your life. You will be like a bad snuff film, where you're the only actor and the only one who gets hurt.

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