Saturday, April 26, 2008

Combat Demo!

I bet I tricked you for a second!

I have begun the assembly of a list of required capabilities for the combat demo. The demo includes cars, a small selection of weapons and at least four types of enemies. Expect this list to grow over the next couple of days.

Graphics Systems:
Skeletal Animation (Adapt XNA Sample)
Shadow Casting
Day & Night Cycles
Basic Weather (Clear, Overcast, Raining, Storming)
Particle Systems

Game Play:
Improve Car Physics (some more...)
Projectiles & Hit Detection

Expanded Map File Type
Car Component Database
Improved Enemy Decision Making
New Map Data Format & New Features

Actor Content:
(Idle, Walk, Run, Rifle, Pistol, Punch, Kick, Die)
Zombie Type A (Day)
Zombie Type B (Night)
Human Type A (Neutral)
Human Type B (Enemy)

Weapon Content
Guns (38 Special, GI 1911, Sawed Off Pump Action, 22 Rifle, 308 Rifle)
Weapons that don't need reloading (machete, shiv, kitchen knife, iron pipe, hammer)

Map Content:
Ruined City Tileset
Additional Cars
Generic Burned Out Objects


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